"Dimanche sans / Sunday without / Sunnuntai vailla” project, photo exhibition and book (142 p.) (Le Fond et La Forme, 2012): Project Leader, Editor, Author and Photographer. "I started the Sunday project in Paris in the beginning of 2010 by organising multidisciplinary happenings in Paris dealing with "Sunday blues". In that occasion I met three other photographers, Jean-Christope Sartoris, Haner Pamukçu and Philippe Lesprit and started to compose with my texts and their images, building a photo-text storyboard. When the translucent sheets came into play, the idea of the "kaleidoscopic book-object" was born." The book is originally written in French and translated into Finnish and English. Available in Parisian bookstores and online.

Mondo Paris guidebook (350 pages): Editor, Project Manager, co-Author and Photographer. (Mondo, 1st Edition 7/2007 and 2nd 12/2011).

Martela 60 – Toimistosta tuttu (176 p.): Project Manager, co-Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor. "In 2005, I was in charge of designing, drafting and editing the "Martela 60 Years" jubliee publication (176 p.) for the leading Finnish office furniture company + creating their internet exhibition."

"Dumari – Kohdusta hautaan ja Paratiisin puutarhaan" (WSOY 2010, 500 p.): Photo Editor. "Tuomari Nurmio is a Finnish rock singer and songwriter. In 2009-2010 I worked as a photo editor of his biography." The book was chosen as one of the "Most beautiful books of the year 2010" by The Finnish Book Art Committee.

Finnish Design Yearbook 2006 (Design Forum Finland, 2006): Photo Editor, Assistant Editor.

Suomi Soi 2-3 (Tammi): Photo Editor. In 2003-2004 "I was in charge of the photo editing of 2 tomes of illustrated encyclopedias of Finnish popular music."